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Oral Surgery IT Support Customer Success Story

Oral Surgery IT Support Customer Success Story

upWe provide oral surgery IT support to clinics all across the country. And we understand the specific needs these practices have for their business to grow.

Meet the Client

With three locations serving Sylvania, Ohio; Oregon, Ohio; and Monroe, Michigan, Western Lake Erie Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons practices a full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery. With expertise ranging from corrective jaw surgery to wisdom tooth removal, they have extensive IT support needs.

Western Lake Erie also specializes in diagnosing and treating facial pain, facial injuries, oral pathology, and TMJ disorders and performs a full range of dental implant and bone grafting procedures.

Their Challenge

Previously, Western Lake Erie relied on a solo IT provider, essentially a ‘one-man band’ with outsourced staffing, to support their three locations. However, this setup proved to be less than ideal. Action plans were often slow to be implemented and communication was minimal. This lack of proactivity and efficiency began to pose significant challenges as our practice continued to grow.

This began presenting issues as their practice continued to grow:

  • The distances between clinics made prompt on-site resolution of problems a challenge.
  • The IT provider would schedule an on-site appointment and rarely arrive on time – without notice that he was behind schedule.
  • Outsourced tech support was not proficient with WinOMS, extending the time needed to resolve issues. Practice leadership often found themselves wasting hours on the phone with Carestream support.

As a result, Western Lake Erie’s IT costs were soaring. The IT provider’s inability to offer a fixed-rate service model and permanently resolve issues broke the bank, causing nothing but headaches for practice leadership.

Like all of our clients, they just wanted their IT to work so they could focus on providing quality patient care.

“The Solutions Team has been a lifesaver – helping us navigate through our Carestream issues, sharing best practices from other medical practice clientele, and experiencing similar challenges.”

Wendy Vore
Practice Administrator

Our Solution

The Solutions Team was referred to Western Lake Erie’s practice manager, Wendy Vore, at the SOMSA Conference by another large oral surgery group client. Though not actively seeking a replacement, she engaged us to help create an action plan to resolve a pressing employee-related IT issue – and was able to experience the difference first-hand.

She told us she was ready to make the switch in the weeks following that inaugural project and we began our in-depth onboarding process.

Today, we serve as Western Lake Erie’s complete on-site technical resource for all IT needs. From business strategies to patient data and security – we’ve provided Western Lake Erie with a roadmap for the future.

Also, our fixed-rate service model enables administrative leadership to forecast their IT expenses every month before they receive their invoice.

Utilizing our team of skilled engineers, Western Lake Erie can resolve multiple issues at once – across multiple offices.

The practice no longer receives billing invoices full of hidden fees or unexplained charges. They do not have to deal with vendors constantly attempting to upsell them on equipment or services.

“I would highly recommend The Solutions Team for their value, proactive communicaition, and technical support capabilities.”

Wendy Vore
Practice Administrator

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