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Customer Success Story: Sound Health Services

Customer Success Story: Sound Health Services
An ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor checks the ears of a small child with brown hair.


Sound Health Services is the largest private practice ENT group in metro St. Louis, with eleven full-service clinic locations. Sound Health has over 40 providers, including ENT specialty physicians, nurse practitioners, audiologists, voice and swallowing technicians, and other medical professionals providing quality patient care to the region.


Since its founding, Sound Health has steadily grown organically and through mergers with other area ENT practices over the years. Leveraging this success, Sound Health now seeks to restructure into a management services organization (MSO) offering an extensive platform of practice management services and benefits to participating ENT and audiology practices nationwide. 


Until recently, Sound Health had used a local IT firm for services and support. However, with plans to go live with the national rollout of its MSO later this summer, Sound Health needed to align with an IT solutions provider capable of serving the diverse needs of multiple practice locations anywhere in the country, including new practices as they join the MSO while improving service and security and decreasing IT costs. 


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"Finding the right IT partner is about building confidence and trust - and The Solutions Team has done that."
Dave Hinkle
CEO Sound Health Services


A local ENT practice (and The Solutions Team client) recommended The Solutions Team to Dave Hinkle, CEO of Sound Health. With a national client portfolio, the decision to hire The Solutions Team was an easy one. 


Our full onboarding process included sending a team of IT professionals for about four weeks to ST. Louis. Our engineers visited every Sound Health clinic location to assess infrastructure needs and develop a plan for new practices joining the MSO.

"It was a leap of faith for us to go with a firm located 500 miles from our home base. We have seen a 10-20% reduction in IT costs per month, and we are now positioned for growth on a national level. We could not be more pleased."
Dave Hinkle
CEO, SOund Health Services

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