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Smooth and Successful Onboarding: A Seamless Transition to Managed IT Services

Smooth and Successful Onboarding: A Seamless Transition to Managed IT Services
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As technology advances and your business grows, you start looking for a full-service IT partner to help you manage all your devices. But, even if you find a partner you think is a good fit, it can still be scary to make that transition.

As one of our clients put it:

“Switching IT companies was something I wanted to do for nearly two years; however, the thought of it seemed cumbersome, and I was afraid of downtime. Oral surgery is our business, not IT…”


Change is scary, and most people prefer maintaining the status quo. But, at some point, you have to make that transition, and we do everything possible to ensure things go smoothly. To continue the quote above:


“Oral surgery is our business, not IT, so the fact that The Solutions Team was so accommodating and willing to explain the process in terms we would understand has made the relationship with The Solutions Team easy.” 

—Holly Newhouse, Kalamazoo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, PC


Our process is simple: We work closely with our clients and their previous IT contractors to find and assess their unique requirements and develop a transition plan tailored to their business needs. We understand the impact of downtime on your patrons and your business. 


“The Solutions Team was very professional in how they obtained information and communicated with our previous IT company…We have not experienced any downtime that impacted daily workflow during business hours. They required very little involvement of anyone from our staff as we transitioned.”

—Dawn Rawson, Jackson Healthcare for Women


A successful transition also depends on empowering our clients with the knowledge and confidence to utilize our services effectively. We provide comprehensive training sessions for employees, ensuring they are familiar with submitting a ticket in case of an issue. Our goal is for everyone to feel confident they can reach out with any technical question, big or small.


“We were greatly surprised and pleased, and the handoff was literally a non-event and non-stressor thanks to their preparations and thoroughness throughout the process. When they say they have “done this a few times” believe them and trust them.”

—David A. Nye, Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery


Transitioning to managed IT services can be daunting for businesses, but it doesn’t have to be. We understand the concerns associated with change and have developed a comprehensive onboarding process designed to minimize disruption and ensure a seamless transition. From strategic planning to customized migration strategies and ongoing support, we aim to provide our clients with a smooth and successful experience. Embrace the power of managed IT services, and let us guide you into a future of optimized operations, enhanced security, and business growth.

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