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In the competitive healthcare job market, employee retention is critical. According to a Society for Human Resource Management study, finding a replacement can cost up to 3-4 times an employee’s annual salary.   Technical glitches and IT-related frustrations can take a toll on employee morale. Imagine the disappointment of healthcare professionals when their systems crash […]

As technology advances and your business grows, you start looking for a full-service IT partner to help you manage all your devices. But, even if you find a managed IT partner you think is a good fit, it may not always work out. Switching IT providers can be scary. At The Solutions Team, we have […]

What are managed IT services and do you really need them? Well, imagine this: a patient arrives at your clinic seeking expertise and guidance. Suddenly, your computer freezes, your network crashes, or your electronic health records system fails. Your focus shifts from the patient to troubleshooting these frustrating tech problems—this isn’t why you got into […]