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Welcome TST Voice to our tech stack!


TST Voice's mobile app gives every user the on-the-go functionality that’s needed in today’s business environment. Make and receive calls from your desk extension, text, and even listen to voicemail all from the phone in your pocket.


TST Voice has the ability to handle a growing user base without affecting the user experience nor the app's performance.

No Upfront Hardware Costs

All of our phones are provided at no up front cost to you. We deploy the newest and top-performing VoIP hardware without upfront capital investment

Desktop App

Don’t want to clutter the desk? There’s no need for a physical phone then. Make your calls straight from your computer without trading call quality. Our desktop app is easy to use, simple to navigate, and can be accessed anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Call Center

Real-time Analytics, Time Management, Hourly Reporting, Advanced Call Routing, Simple & Attractive AI

Visual Designer

Design complex call routing by simple drag & drop. The visual designer allows you to visually understand and control the ways calls route through your office.

Full Feature Stack

Some of our Included Features: