Less IT Chaos,

More IT That

Our “Seven Steps to IT Success” is a proven path for veterinary practices to get rid of IT Chaos. 

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Your nemesis? 

Technology Problems.

Technology is hard. Period.

Rules and Regulations abound. IT equipment for a business is expensive, and -- all too often -- it doesn't work the way it should.

IT Problems Compound Stress.

Most medical practice leaders are not technology experts, yet their job is to solve all the problems for their practice. Veterinary Medicine is hard enough without having to deal with computer problems.

Distraction from the Highest Purpose

IT frustrations shouldn't keep us from doctors and staff from their highest purpose: providing excellent care to animals.

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Seven Steps To IT Success

We know IT is complex. Getting the right solution that works in your office shouldn’t be. 

Schedule a 20 minute call with us,  and answer a few questions about your IT setup.


With the results of your Discovery Call, we’ll know how to help you stabilize your IT setup. We’ll give you a detailed proposal for services that will solve your I.T. problems, letting you focus on the business of veterinary medicine.  

You will have everything you need to present our services to your doctors and decision makers. We’ll be happy to present to them as well. 

Once a decision is reached to do business with The Solutions Team, the next step is to send us the signed contract. Please allow 2 weeks for planning of your implementation. 

We’ll plan create a detailed plan so you and your team will know what to expect. We’ll come on site for training and implementation, and you’ll feel good about the process. 

Our first 90-Day Peace-of-Mind Guarantee says that if we don’t meet your expectations in our first three months, you can exit your contract and only pay for the time we do business together. 

Whether you hire us for one small component in your system or choose our Comprehensive Solution where we manage everything between your internet connection and your EHR, our goal is simple: 

We want you to have less IT chaos so you can start leveraging IT to strengthen your business. 

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We’re proud to offer our Discovery Call — a $250 value —  as a complimentary service. 

Or, you could keep dealing with...

IT Problems


Who wants that???

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Less IT Chaos,

More IT That

Take the first step to to less IT chaos today.

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