Staff Highlight October 2021

How did you find out about TST?

 I had the pleasure of meeting the Chief Technical Officer for The Solutions Team, Shane Fowler, through a mutual connection of ours. Shane told me a little bit about himself and TST, from there I went to LinkedIn and read more about TST.

When did you join TST?

I joined The Solutions Team on January 11, 2021. 

What do you do at TST?

I am a member of the TST Project Team. I work with TST’s Sr. Management to schedule and delivery Implementation Services for new customers that sign on with TST. I also work with our existing customers to assist with new System Implementations or changes that need to be made with their Network / Systems.  

What convinced you that TST was a great place to work?

I realized TST was a great place to work the first week I was employed. Upper Management at TST does things for employees that no other company I have worked for has done before. Doing small things like sending out emails to the entire company welcoming you to the Team to having new hire luncheons just to let you know you are appreciated. It does not stop there, TST has on going events and activities to promote Team building. This type of appreciation and dedication is not only shown to employees, but it is also given to our customers, setting us apart from others in our industry.  

Describe a typical day on the job at TST?

This is the part I love most about working for TST, there is not a typical day on the job for me. Our customers span across all professions and are located all over the US. Today I am in the Office writing technical documentation for one of our customers and tomorrow I could be implementing our Services for a new customer located anywhere in the US. The only thing that stays typical for me is, I am doing my very best to assist our customers with their technical needs.

What do you like most about working at TST?

Getting an awesome Christmas Party weekend given by the company. yay. Seriously, being part of a company that is about building relationships with the customer, listens to the customers business objectives and helps leverage IT to meet those objectives.