Staff Highlight July 2021

Get to know The Solutions Team’s Kaelon Harris – HR Director

How did you find out about TST?

My parents own the company. 

When did you join TST?  What do you do at TST?

2015, I currently serve as TST’s HR Director, Marketing, Office Manager, Admin. 

What convinced you that TST was a great place to work?

It takes very little convincing when you love your job and the people you work with. TST is a family, we all work together to meet a common goal, which is to provide our clients with the highest quality service. 

Describe a typical day on the job at TST?

  • I typically start my morning off by making a loop around the office so that Beau (my golden retriever) can get his pets in, and I can catch up with everyone before starting my workday. 
  • I then go back to my desk and spend the early part of my morning looking over & prioritizing my email inbox and begin to tackle different tasks accordingly. 
  • I take about 30 minutes each morning to look through resumes and forward them to managers throughout the office for their review. 
  • I normally have a graphic or two to throw together at some point throughout the day. 
  • For lunch, I typically hit up Newk’s for a sandwich and a salad, I am 7 months pregnant so that is typically what I am craving these days J
  • After lunch, I come back and check my emails again and try to prioritize my afternoon.
  • I normally spend my afternoons on random to-do’s, such as reviewing time sheets, checking AR Reports, making updates to our website, etc.
  • I handle admin needs for Todd, Mike, or Shane.
  • I also spend time planning our company events, like employee birthdays, in-office luncheons, after-work activities, etc. 

What do you like most about working at TST?

I love my co-workers.  TST wouldn’t be TST without them.