Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2
Will Reach “End Of Support”
On Jan. 14, 2020

What does this mean for your office?


ONE – Understand The Stakes

Microsoft is ending support for Windows Server® 2008 and Server R2 on January 14, 2020. After January 14, 2020, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, patches, fixes or support servers running Windows Server 2008.

This means that Microsoft is no longer going to support these operating system(s).

Newly released viruses or malware, capable of causing issues in the operating system, will be able to exploit your system vulnerabilities and you will have no recourse to for support.  Your systems will be virtually defenseless against these new threats.  There are new threats being released every day.

What does this mean for your organization?

  • Increased exposure to major vulnerabilities and cybersecurity attacks on systems, databases, and applications.
  • Discontinued support for many commercial software applications and tools.
  • Lack of compliance with government regulations (HIPAA, GLBA, etc.)
  • Lack of PCI compliance 
  • Healthcare / Financial / Legal Industries are mandated by law to protect your clients / patients data.  If you have a breach as a result of continuing to use the devices running these operating systems, you could be subject to fines, civil suits and potential loss of business.  

    TWO – Take Inventory

    Option 1: DIY Method. Gather this information on every PC: workstation name, purchase date, operating system, processor speed, amount of RAM, hard drive space, graphics card, and display ratio. Input this data into a spreadsheet. Download this spreadsheet to get started: 

    Option 2: We can do it for you! We can scan your network to to gather this information. 


    THREE – Determine Upgrade Vs. Replacement 

    Just like old smartphones that get slower with every upgrade, moving to new operating system  may cause older servers to slow down enough that they hinder workflow within your practice. Microsoft’s published minimal specifications for upgrading  could be far less than what is required to run your business software.  

    Consider All Costs. Windows 10 is currently available from Microsoft for $199.99. Be sure to factor in at least two hours of labor costs to upgrade a single machine to Windows 10. Replacing a PC can cost $800-$1,000, depending on a number of factors. Don’t forget labor costs for new PC installation. 


    FOUR – Evaluate Replacement Strategies

    1. Purchase New Computers
      1. Advantages: Could be the lowest overall cost
      2. Disadvantages: Capital outlay, possibly significant with a large number of PC’s; Assumes responsibility/cost of installation; Assumes responsibility of handling any warranty claims; Extended business workflow interruption with warranty claim
    2. IT+PC
      2. Your Exit From The Computer Business 

        It’s a chore to keep up with an arsenal of aging workstations. Sooner or later some will need new video cards or hard drives. Sooner or later each and every one will need to be replaced. It’s not simple, it’s not cheap. Worse, when a workstation isn’t working your staff can’t work either. Let us handle this job for you, and focus your time on more important parts of the business.

      3. Pay For What You Really Need

        There’s no need to buy new computers. With IT+PC, you pay for a workstation that works, we supply the hardware and guarantee operation. That’s right: new computers are included with this service. Should one fail, we’ll overnight a replacement so you’ll have it the next day.

      4. Solution For: …

        Whether you’re trying to solve the Windows 7 problem for your business, or you’re trying to preserve cashflow, IT+PC is a great solution for getting multiple new computers into your business. 

      5. INCLUDED: 
        • New PC’s: Fast Computing, Large Monitor, Increased Productivity, Happier Employees 
        • Installation Fee Included
        • Award Winning Technical Support, Remote & Local, Available By Phone, Email, Or Chat
        • Backups, Antivirus, Security Updates
        • Proactive Device Management, Proactive IT Support — Not “Break/Fix”
        • Operational Workstation Guarantee: We’ll overnight a replacement computer at no extra charge should one of our IT+PC computers fail.
        • 100% tax-deductible as an operational expense.
        • Peace of mind that you will never have a PC more than four years old.
      6. Not Included (the GOOD news!)
        • You having to buy new computers with cash you need to keep in the business
        • The hassle of keeping up with aging workstations and the responsibility of repairs
        • Time spent with leasing contract or purchasing negotiations
        •  Time spent dealing with a third party for repairs or anything else
        • Business interruptions should a PC fail and you have to wait while a replacement is purchased, shipped, and setup.

    Get out of the computer business and pay only for what you need: computers that work and IT support when you need it. Call today for a proposal. 

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