There’s nothing worse than GETTING


Data Breach = FINE$

Penalties begin at $100 per record lost in a breach, and go up to $1,500,000 per year per violation category.
What Are The Penalties For HIPAA Violations?

Data Breach = Embarrassment

Yes, it happens. And when it does, it's bad. Your patients will have to be notified, and the world will know too. Take a look at this:
The biggest healthcare data breaches of 2018 (so far).

Data Breach = Doesn't Go Away

The hit to your practice's reputation combined with fines that could reach millions of dollars might just put your doctors out of business. But that's not the end of the problem: Consequences Of HIPAA Violations Don't Stop When Business Closes.

Does Our Practice Really Need
A Risk Analysis?

If you have to comply with hipaa, IT’s


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Does It Matter Who Performs
Our Risk Analysis?

Two Schools Of Thought
Regarding Who Performs
Your Risk Analysis:

Check The Box for Meaningful Use / MIPS

Identify Any Gaps In Your Current Security

It's the difference between
these two diagnostic tests.



Which is best for you?

It all depends on your risk tolerance.

Assume all the risk

Don’t want to do a Risk Analysis? Okay. But should you have a breach, get ready for Negligence penalties.
What Are The Penalties For HIPAA Violations?

take some risk

Satisfy MIPS requirements at the lowest cost possible, but know that you might have security gaps. Close them and you might prevent a hacker from getting your data, but you’ll take the risk.
The biggest healthcare data breaches of 2018 (so far).

identify all the risks
and avoid them

Get an independent Risk Analysis by a new company every two years. You’re not an IT expert, and your IT company might not grade themselves as strictly as someone else. The main thing is to prevent a breach, because the risk is just too great:

Consequences Of HIPAA Violations Don’t Stop When Business Closes.

It Matters That You Have A Risk Analysis.
It Matters Who Performs It.

Five Steps To Risk Analysis Success

The questions in a Risk Analysis are complex. 

Getting the right solution for your office shouldn’t be. 

Schedule a 20 minute call with us and tell us about your practice. We’ll need to know a few things about your network size to give you a quote. 

Once a decision is reached to do business with The Solutions Team, the next step is to send us the signed contract. Please allow 2-4 weeks for planning of your implementation. 

There are detailed questions to ask, but we’ll help you with the process. We’ll conduct the analysis and put together a custom report for you, complete with action steps. 

We’ll review your report with you, which will highlight any security areas that need attention.  

Just like getting an MRI, the test itself only gives a diagnosis. It doesn’t do the work of closing any security gaps or decreasing risks. The report you will receive will identify hotspots. Document your plans to make adjustments, and document when those changes are made. 

Meet Our Security Team

Shane Adams

Director of Security


Shane Adams serves as Director of Security for The Solutions TEAM. A veteran IT executive with more than 21 years of leadership experience, Mr. Adams is responsible for engineering and integrating customized ‘cloud’ based security solutions for The Solutions TEAM’s clients, particularly those representing the healthcare, legal, gaming and hospitality industries. 

During his career, Mr. Adams has developed effective Information Security programs for organizations based on globally recognized control frameworks from the SANS Institute,
National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) and Payment Card Industry Council (PCI).

Prior to joining The Solutions TEAM, he served as Director of IT Engineering for Pearl River Resort in Philadelphia, Miss., where he developed the company’s information security strategy using a suite of industry leading products and solutions as well as implementing extensive operational policies and controls.

Shane Fowler

Chief Technology Officer

Shane Fowler is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of The Solutions Team. He is responsible for all aspects of technological planning and design for the firm, including project timelines, knowledge transfer and duties to other members of the technology team.

An IT veteran with more than 18 years or professional experience, Mr. Fowler served as a Senior Data Engineer for Switching/Routing Technologies for Carousel Industries of North America prior to co-founding The Solutions Team. His responsibilities included disaster planning and design of customer networks for voice and data integration, as well as post-sale equipment installation and programming. He also served as the company’s VMWare pre-sales engineer for the southeast United States.

Prior to his stint with Carousel, Mr. Fowler served as the Technical Services Manager for Pearl River Resort in Philadelphia, Mississippi. He managed an IT staff of 13 during the construction and launch of the Golden Moon Hotel and Casino in 2002. During this period, on a compressed timeline for all planning and installations, he managed the design, build and installation of a data center consisting of four network locations, 600 computers, 45 servers and 2,000 slot machines.

Mr. Fowler holds numerous professional accreditations, including his distinction as an Extreme Networks Design Engineer, a Meru Networks Certified Design Engineer, and a Microsoft Certified System Engineer. 

From a security standpoint, Shane’s experience is perfect for performing Risk Assessments. 

Mike Clark

Director of technology development

Mike Clark serves as Director of Technology Development for The Solutions Team. A Unix expert with more than a decade of IT leadership experience, Mike is responsible for engineering and integrating customized ‘cloud’ hosting and managed services solutions for The Solutions TEAM’s clientele.

Prior to joining The Solutions TEAM, Mike served as Director of Information Technology for Grand Station Hotel and Casino in Vicksburg, Miss. He also served for nearly a decade as Application Support Specialist (SDS, CMP, CMS Administration) for Pearl River Resort in Philadelphia, Miss. 

Mike’s background across multiple technology platforms helps him understand security at a very high level. 

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