Why Use Encrypted Email?

 Email is like sending a friend a post card through the mail: 

There’s no envelope to keep your message private.  

This is fine for 99.9% of all emails, but when any patient information is sent, HIPAA requires that privacy is protected. 

Our encrypted email system is HIPAA compliant, and simple to use with the right software. 

The tutorials listed to the right will take you step by step through opening an encrypted email attachment. 

Once you have the correct software, and have gone through this process the first time, opening encrypted emails is simple and fast. 

And best of all, you can know that the patient information you’re about to view was protected on it’s journey through the internet to you. 


How To Open
Encrypted Email Attachments

Step By Step Tutorials
For Different Platforms

NOTE: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is REQUIRED to open encrypted email attachments. You can download this software for free from  Adobe’s website. 

General Instructions To Set Up A Securemail Password

1. Click the link below which will open the Securemail page.

2. On this page create a password of your choosing that you can
remember for future encrypted emails. Confirm the password by
typing it again in the second box.

General Instructions To Open Encrypted Emails
1. Log into the Securemail site with the password you
created above. Keep this password for future use. 

2. Click the ‘Generate Password’ button and then highlight and copy the password it presents.  (This is the password you will used to open the PDF, NOT the password you created for Securemail.)

3. Use Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to open the pdf file that is attached to the email you received. You will see a password box. Here you will enter the password that was generated and copied in the previous step. This will open your encrypted email attachment. 

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