Lakeside North Case Study

The Solutions Team (TST) – Customer Success Story – July 2021

Lakeside North Medical Clinic – Guntersville, Alabama

The Customer

Lakeside North offers personalized, high-quality medical treatment of acute symptoms and chronic conditions, as well as preventative care to help patients maintain their health.  The clinic features a growing roster of knowledgeable providers, currently two physicians and four nurse practitioners, offering a broad array of services geared to address today’s most common illnesses and injuries.

The Challenge

Lakeside North has been a leading healthcare provider in north Alabama for more than a decade.  The practice has enjoyed steady growth to the point where in recent years a decision was made to transition from a one-person local IT consultancy to a full-service IT firm offering more robust capabilities. After conducting a routine request for bids, a larger regional firm was selected.  It was Lakeside’s first jump into the IT ‘big league’ pool – and admittedly cost was the driving factor in their decision-making process. 

The Solutions Team had been in dialogue with Lakeside during this time – and even bid on the job.   Their bid was neither the lowest nor the highest, but Lakeside went in another direction – assuming they were choosing the most ‘financially prudent’ option. Unfortunately, they soon realized what was supposedly costing them ‘less’ was costing ‘more’ and vice versa.  The harsh reality for Lakeside was they were spending way too much precious capital on hidden fees and upcharges.  Factor in lacking capabilities and all-too-frequent service and support hiccups, and it was evident the firm simply was not a good fit. 

The ‘breaking point’ came when Lakeside was erroneously double-billed for services rendered via bank account auto-draft – and the firm failed to reconcile the error and re-deposit their funds. The ‘rubber hit the road’ when Nakita Meredith, Lakeside’s Practice Manager/RN, confronted firm representatives at the next MGMA conference with threats to sue.  In the same breath, she informed them that they were fired – and a new request for bids was soon launched.

The Solution

Founded in 2007 in Jackson, Miss., TST is a national managed services provider of IT support serving clients in 40 states in the healthcare, dental, legal and construction fields. 

After reviewing multiple bids, and leaning on prior experience that cost should never be the sole deciding factor when making a decision, Lakeside selected The Solutions Team (TST) as their IT services and support provider. Given TST’s national client portfolio, track record for top-notch remote IT service and support and innovative ‘performance based’ billing model – proven to help clients minimize performance interruptions and increase productivity, while managing their budgets and reducing costs more effectively – this decision to bring TST on board has proven to be a perfect fit for Lakeside.

The Results

“We really connected with the folks they brought over to pitch the business – and love having a first-name relationship with their personnel. Even though we went in another direction the first time around, they were very understanding when we reached back out to them.  They welcomed us with open arms and really made us feel important – like a big fish in a small pond. There have even been times when Todd has personally driven over to help resolve any needs or issues.”


“We have also saved an incredible amount of money since switching over to them and are comforted knowing they have a national client footprint and are they are able to accommodate our expanding needs as we continue to grow.  It’s just been a great fit for us.”



Nakita Meredith, Practice Manager/RN

Lakeside North Medical Clinic