Frustrated By IT Problems?

When computers don’t work, you can’t get to patient records, you can’t schedule appointments, you can’t print documents, you can’t send prescriptions, you can’t get to phone numbers, you can’t get your notes done, and you can’t go home on time.

For Business To Work, Computers Have To Work!

"As any doctor can tell you,
the most crucial step toward healing
is having the right diagnosis."

Andrew Weil

Our IT Wellness Assessment will guide you to the right diagnosis
of your current computer setup.

Executive-level SWOT Analysis of your IT systems

Report Card of your IT systems, highlighting areas needing attention

IT Wellness Assessment: What's involved?

20 Minutes

20 Questions

Report Card

Sample IT Wellness Assessment Report Card
Sample IT Wellness Report Card

IT Wellness Assessment: Is It Valuable?

The report The Solutions Team gave me after my IT Wellness Assessment is very useful. They explained some things to me that I’d never considered. Now that we know, we can make our IT even better.  Thanks Solutions Team for going above what is required to provide insight and assistance in this fragile cyber liability environment.

Cindy Busch

Practice Administrator


IT Wellness Assessment
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