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Are We The "Right Fit" For Your Business?

The BIG Problem

IT Problems...

Lead To Loss & Frustration.

Questions You Should Be Asking Any IT Services Provider

We know IT is complex. Getting the right solution that works in your office shouldn’t be. 

Some IT companies operate with a “break/fix” mindset. They wait until you have a computer problem before they help you. 

Proactive IT companies have processes running over night and constantly are watching for signs and symptoms to catch problem while they’re small, before they create major problems. 

Firewalls used to be “set-it-and-forget-it,” and a basic firewall used to be able to keep a business safe for a few years. Plug it in once, let it run, and never think about it again unless it failed.  

Today, firewalls have software that needs to be updated on a regular basis. More than this, robust firewalls provide reports for all of the incoming and outgoing traffic. For security purposes, these reports need to be monitored regularly. 

It’s becoming more and more prevalent for IT companies to offer equipment “As A Service.” Like subscriptions, what you pay for is for “secure WiFi that works,” or something similar. The IT company provides the hardware and the support so you get the service you need. 

“As A Service” offerings usually include new equipment after so many years at no extra cost. This keeps your network up to date without any additional capital expense. 

That’s a good question, why can’t you? 

Business leaders wear a lot of hats. All too often, they wear the IT hat. When you outsource IT to an IT company, you want to outsource the entire operation so that it doesn’t include you in routine troubleshooting. 

Great question. 

Think back to high school for a moment. If you had a big project like a term paper, would your English teacher let you grade it yourself? 

Of course not. 

We’re not hard enough on ourselves, and sometimes we don’t catch our own mistakes. 

In the same way, getting and independent Risk Analysis is the best way to know just how well your office computer systems are protected. 

Will you have to wait for your IT company to triage your ticket? Will you have to wait until they’re not busy before you can get help? 

Or, is it as simple as picking up the phone and calling? Or chatting online? 

Often, large businesses  outsource components of their IT services. This offsets the workload for their existing IT personnel, and allows them to grow without adding an additional FTE. 

That depends on what software you are using and how it was designed. 

Cloud hosting is a growing option that has many benefits.

It’s important to note that not all “clouds” are the same. Evaluate closely the capability and the security of the data center that will provide your hosting services. 

You mean one vendor will blame another vendor for a problem? 


To avoid this, simplify. Let one highly-trusted vendor manage as much of your operations as possible. This gives that vendor visibility into all of the systems and processes inside of your business. This will stop the blaming game. 

Great question. 

“Break/Fix” IT companies can’t guarantee anything. Actually, they’re waiting on something to break so they can be paid to fix it. 

Proactive IT companies that give guarantees have confidence that what they are doing for you will work because they have done it with success before. This is exactly what you want. 

Evaluating IT companies solely on price and term is risky business. You might think you want the best price and the shortest term, but that can backfire. 

To keep your computer systems running properly and to get the least number of IT problems it takes a lot of proactive effort. Like getting into shape, it can be hardest at the beginning.

It’s possible for IT companies to have a negative ROI for 12-18 months with a new client. This is why reputable companies have multi-year terms. 

Two closely priced contracts where one has a shorter term usually means that company is not providing the same services or is not as aware of their costs. Both should alert you that you might not be dealing with an experienced IT company. 

You don’t want the hassle of changing vendors in a year, so don’t be afraid of a longer term. Look for an IT company that will guarantee their work with performance based exit clauses in their contracts. This usually means guaranteed stability, and more services for the same money. 


Support From
Across The Country

Spring 2019

Frustration With IT Company

Dr. S was frustrated. His IT company wasn’t nearly as responsive as he needed. And too many times they left without fixing his computer problems. It was time to find another solution. 

Spring 2019
Early May 2019

Searching For Alternatives

After seeking references from colleagues, Dr. S learned no one is his local community was thrilled with their IT either. He turned to Google for alternatives.

Early May 2019
Late May 2019

Enter The Solutions Team

Dr. S found The Solutions Team online and read our website. Even though our home office is all the way across the country from him, he contacted us to learn more.

Late May 2019
One Week Later

Confidence Won

After daily conversations about the success of our remote services and how we provide onsite- support at no extra charge, Dr. S hired The Solutions Team to implement our Comprehensive Solution and to install several new computers. 

One Week Later
One Month Later


New computers ordered and configured, The Solutions Team spent three days with Dr. S and his entire staff. 

One Month Later
Fall 2019

Satisfied With Decision

“So far, we’re very pleased with the results The Solutions Team delivered. I definitely recommend them.” — Dr. S

Fall 2019

Cheaper Is Not
Always Better

Spring 2018

Round One: We Lose

L S N, a medical practice in a beautiful, rural small town, was looking for new IT support. They interviewed several companies. The chose a competitor who offered lower prices. 

Spring 2018
12 Months Of Frustration

Cheaper Is Not Better

There were several surprises. It was hard. to get support. Every solutions was to buy some new hardware. Invoices kept having errors. And they didn’t get their money back when overcharged.

It was. time for a  change. 

12 Months Of Frustration
Spring 2019

Revisit The Solutions Team

L S N told us we won their trust in 2018. They asked us to solve several ongoing IT challenges and to take over their support.  

Spring 2019
Summer 2019

Three Days With Their Staff

We went onsite with L S N to setup all of their equipment and to train their staff how to contact us. Our support is unlimited, and we. want every staff member to feel free to contact us. This is the fastest way to get help for computer problems.

Summer 2019
Fall 2019

Add Cloud Hosting

Satisfied with our IT support, L S N added cloud hosting of their EHR to our services. By keeping their local network and cloud services with The Solutions Team, we will provide them with end-to-end support, which is the best way to have a great cloud-hosted EHR experience. 

Fall 2019
Future Planning

Moving Locations

Looking ahead,  L S N is planning to move to a new location. This is no small task, and will involve a lot of planning, and coordination during the move. All of this is included with our Comprehensive Services at no extra charge.  

Future Planning
How To Go Deeper
Seven Steps To IT Success

We know IT is complex. Getting the right solution that works in your office shouldn’t be. 

Schedule a 20 minute call with us, answer 20 questions about your IT, and receive an executive-level SWOT Analysis and a Report Card of your IT systems. Get confirmation of your strengths, recognize weaknesses and opportunities, and — most importantly — identify threats.

Our IT Wellness Assessment is complimentary. 


With the results of your IT Wellness Aessment, we’ll know how to help you stabilize your IT setup so you focus on the business of providing great care to patients. We’ll give you a detailed proposal for services that will solve your I.T. Problems. 

With your IT Wellness Assessment and our proposal, you will have everything you need to present our services to your doctors and decision makers. We’ll be happy to present to them as well. 

Once a decision is reached to do business with The Solutions Team, the next step is to send us the signed contract. Please allow 2 weeks for planning of your implementation. 

We’ll plan create a detailed plan so you and your team will know what to expect. We’ll come on site for training and implementation, and you’ll feel good about the process. 

Our first 90-Day Peace-of-Mind Guarantee says that if we don’t meet your expectations in our first three months, you can exit your contract and only pay for the time we do business together. 

Whether you hire us for one small component in your system or choose our Comprehensive Solution where we manage everything between your internet connection and your EHR, our goal is simple: 

We want you to have less IT chaos so you can start leveraging IT to strengthen your business. 

What's A "Right Fit" Call?

What's A "Right Fit" Call?

First of all, we know what it’s like to be on your side of the table — an executive on our team managed an orthopedic surgery practice for eight years. 

Second, because of our experience, we know exactly what processionals and practice leaders want and need. That doesn’t matter, though, until we understand your situation. 

We’re ready to listen. We. want to make sure we understand as much about your challenges as possible. 

So, our plan for this call is to LISTEN.

The only way either one of us will know if we’re a good fit for one another is to talk. 

Just know this: You can’t become a client on this first call

We’re not going to “hard sell” you on our services.

Our pricing is very competitive, but our recommendations will be tailored to your specific situation. 

How Should You
Prepare For This Call?

You know the challenges you’re facing. Share those with us. We’ll ask  questions to be sure we understand your situation fully.

If you know how many computers and laptops you have that will be helpful. And if you know about your network equipment that will be good, too. We have tools that can help us gather information about your devices which we can use if needed. 

The main thing is this: We want the very best for you and your practice.

We know that trust is the most important element in business partnerships.

We wart to earn your trust. 

If you are interested in proactively protecting your practice against data breaches as well as proactively preventing computer problems, then we want to work with you to help you achieve those goals. 

Take the first step to Proactive IT Support Today

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