HIPAA Briefing
For Dentists

WARNING: Most Dental Practices
Are Not Fully HIPAA Compliant

There’s nothing worse than GETTING


Data Breach = FINE$

Penalties begin at $100 per record lost in a breach, and go up to $1,500,000 per year per violation category.
What Are The Penalties For HIPAA Violations?

Data Breach = Embarrassment

Yes, it happens. And when it does, it's bad. Your patients will have to be notified, and the whole world will know, too.

Data Breach = Doesn't Go Away

The hit to your practice's reputation combined with fines that could reach millions of dollars might just put your doctors out of business. But that's not the end of the problem: Consequences Of HIPAA Violations Don't Stop When Business Closes.

Recently Reported Dental Practice HIPAA Violations

  1. Rainbow Dental Care – Texas
    Individuals Affected = 10,000 
    Breach Date = 02/04/2019
    Type of Breach = Hacking/IT Incident – Desktop Computer and Network Server
  2. Oregon Endodontic Group – Oregon
    Individuals Affected = 2,952
    Breach Date = 04/02/2019
    Type of Breach = Hacking/IT Incident – Email
  3. Desert Valley Dental of Glendale – Arizona
    Individuals Affected = 7,500
    Breach Date = 03/26/2019
    Type of Breach = Unauthorized Access to Desktop Computers, Network Server
  4. Bayview Dental – Minnesota
    Individuals Affected = 1,938
    Breach Date = 08/13/2019
    Type of Breach = Hacking/IT Incident – Network Server

* All identified on The Office Of Civil Rights – Breach Notification Portal.

How Does This Happen?

HIPAA Security Gaps
Common In Dental Practices

Common Logins

Do all of your staff members have unique logins and passwords? If you use common passwords where anyone can access your data base, this is a security concern.

Unencrypted Email

A surprising number of dental practices are not using encrypted email when sending patient related information.

Consumer Grade Wireless

Could a hacker sit in your lobby or parking lot and access your database?

No firewall or comparable security

Do you monitor the inbound and outbound traffic of your internet traffic? Could someone on the dark web see your server online?

Out Of Date Workstations/Servers

Are you ready for "End Of Support" for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008?

Network Components

Annual Risk Assessments

If you have to comply with hipaa, IT’s


Click for more information about the Risk Analysis Requirement

IT Support & HIPAA Security
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How Strong Is Your Security?

Find Out With Our Free Network Assessment

In about an hour, without any interruptions for your staff, you can get a high-level review of all of your computers and computer network equipment with details about your overall security.

What does it do?

For all computers and network equipment that are online and accessible at the time of the scan, our Network Assessment tool remotely, securely, and discretely, it gathers several crucial pieces of information:

1. The age of your PC’s and servers
2. Security settings on devices (Are passwords complex and required to change?)
3. Are there any vulnerabilities that are accessible outside of your practice?
4. Are critical patches missing from any PCs or servers?
5. Is any data that has been breeched available for sale on the Dark Web?
6. Other Basic hardware and software checks.

What is required to perform the scan?

This tool requires that your network have a Domain Controller, and administrative access (i.e. password) to the Domain Controller itself.

Take the first step to Securing Your Computer Network

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