CNMRI is a multi-specialty group of doctors specializing in neurology, sleep medicine, magnetic resonance imaging and physical medicine, in Dove r a n d M i l ford, Delaware. CNMRI offers sophisticated diagnostic services, including OPEN high-field MRI, in affiliation with Johns Hopkins. The Center also offers sleep medicine and non-invasive cerebrovascular evaluations. The practice consists of nine doctors – as well as nurses and support staff – serving the eastern Delaware region.


Protecting patient data from natural disaster isn’t usually the first thing healthcare providers think about during their workday – but in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina – CNMRI, like so many other practices, quickly grasped the importance of a secure, HIPAA-compliant data backup plan – complete with geographically-diverse off-site backup locations in the event of a catastrophic datacenter failure.


The Solutions Team customized a solution for CNMRI utilizing IT Vault – a proven Disaster Recovery solution whose reliability and competitive pricing make it preferred among healthcare providers.

IT Vault enables automatic and worry-free data backup. It’s a fully HIPAA / HI-TECH compliant offsite data backup solution featuring high redundancy Tier 4 commercial datacenters that deliver unprecedented connectivity, redundant bandwidth, physical security and full-time onsite engineers offering 24/7 IT support.


CNMRI has peace-of-mind knowing their critical data is safe and sound. Each night, all patients’ clinical and financial information is automatically being stored at secure, remote locations. Should a hurricane – or other catastrophe – occur, CNMRI can access EHR/EMR data from any Internet device – immediately and securely – and continue caring for patients.

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