Center Street Community Health Center

Center Street Community Health Center (CSCHC) is a community-based and patient-directed healthcare facility that provides accessible, high-quality medical, dental and behavioral health services for all ages. The practice consists of six physicians, dentists and nurse practitioners – as well as nurses and support staff.



In November 2014, CSCHC was contracting an out-of-state vendor for their hosted environment, and for some time had been experiencing major performance issues. Their system was slow to operate, which their vendor claimed was their Internet’s fault, and continually ‘kicked-off’ users without notice. Additionally, the system prevented CSCHC from making any of the upgrades needed to achieve HIPAA compliance or ICD-10 readiness.

To add insult to injury, CSCHC believed they were overpaying for their hosted solution and the services they were receiving from their vendor. It was time to make a change.


The Solutions Team proposed its IT Live (Hosted EMR) solution, which was fully integrated by early 2015. The solution has drastically improved the overall performance of CSCHC’s system and eliminated all issues. Best of all, CSCHS is now paying significantly less per month than they paid their previous vendor.


CSCHC’s relationship with The Solutions Team continues to grow – as this year alone, CSCHC has integrated additional solutions into their IT infrastructure, including:

• Virtual IT – The Solutions Team manages CSCHC’s entire IT infrastructure for one flat monthly fee. The Solutions Team provides a ‘team’ of experienced IT support personnel directly to CSCHC’s entire staff, including Heidi Whaley, Clinical Nurse Manager, who now spends less time worrying about IT problems and more time caring for patients.

• Virtual Office – CSCHC employees now enjoy the benefits of cloud-hosted Email, Microsoft Office and file sharing applications – and may now work remotely, from anywhere with Internet access, with unprecedented speed, security and ease.

• Managed Wireless (Wi-Fi) – The Solutions Team manages CSCHC’s Wi-Fi network, which includes identifying areas within their facility, where the signals are weak or non-existent and installing access points to bolster functionality.

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