Case Studies

Center Street Community Health Center

When our first product drastically improved the overall performance of their system at a lower cost than what they were paying their previous vendor, Center Street added ... READ MORE

McComb Children's Clinic

In the words of MCC’s Medical Practice Manager Yvette Chisholm, she “knew just enough about computers to be dangerous." Still, she was keenly aware of the importance of keeping her clinic’s...READ MORE

Anniston Orthopaedic Associates

Anniston Orthopaedics Administrator Chad Prince knew the day would arrive when his practice would need to ‘prepare for the future’ and upgrade.....READ MORE

Southern Eye Specialists

A host of performance related issues caused by their legacy IT system plagued Southern Eye Specialists. When they couldn't integrate and upgrade.....READ MORE

Pima Pain Center

In mid-2014 Pima Pain Center was opened. Dr. Emil Annabi wanted a proven, reliable hosting solution for his new practice.....READ MORE

Southeast Texas ENT

Between 2005 and 2013, Southeast Texas ENT was hit by three hurricanes, one completely destroyed their servers.....READ MORE

Delta Regional Medical Center

In 2014, Delta RMC concluded they were overpaying their IT support firm for email hosting services (Microsoft Exchange), and started looking for a cost effective alternative .....READ MORE


Like so many other practices in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, CNMRI quickly grasped the importance of an off-site, HIPAA-compliant data backup plan ...READ MORE

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