CEO Corner December 2021

What Makes a ‘White Glove’ IT Services Provider?

I heard the phrase ‘white glove service’ the other day.

It gets tossed around a good bit in the automobile and delivery businesses – and means the highest standard of service (i.e., attention to detail, convenience, speed, etc.), and a company promise to offer solutions, products and services tailored to each customer-specific need.

So, would the term ever apply to the world of IT service and support? Of course it would – as long as you can back it up.

I’ve been in this business long enough to know that EVERY IT services provider is going to claim that ‘top-notch service and support’ is their specialty.  In my experience however, the vast majority of these customer service operations are reactive, with a primary focus on resolving queries. 

‘White glove service’ is proactive in nature.  It takes going above-and-beyond and doing more than what’s expected each and every day. As a client, you should feel like your needs are being anticipated and managed personally.  Every detail covered so that you can confidently relax and enjoy peace of mind.

That’s our #1 goal at The Solutions Team – minimize your interruptions, increase your productivity and give you peace of mind.

Our Help Desk technicians are our customers’ gateway to the ‘white glove’ experience. As such, we make every effort to ensure they are on top of their game by equipping them with the proper methodologies to proactively anticipate, identify and resolve customer needs:

  • Preventing issues before they occur. A good example would be our Help Desk using back-end analytics to track a customer’s computer performance and noticing that certain systems are experiencing slower than average performance due to pending software updates.  Our Help Desk would silently dispatch a fix to all computers that meet similar parameters to prevent them from having a similar slowdown.

  • Solving problems before customers raise them. White glove service in this case would be when our customer knows they have an issue, but our Help Desk brings it to light first – and solves it.

  • Personalizing responses when customers reach out. Even in a reactive instance when our customers do request help, our Help Desk still provides exemplary service by predicting their needs based on their profiles and providing personalized responses. 

Now, more than ever, businesses expect their IT provider to work tirelessly in the background, preventing issues before they arise; knowing when, where, and how to get in touch; and proactively reaching out where necessary.

Finding such a ‘white glove’ partner requires a careful analysis of what is expected, a thorough assessment of how services and support are delivered, and a clear understanding that a speck of dust means the job is not done.


Todd Gooden

CEO & Founder

The Solutions Team