Business WiFi Subscription

Free WiFi Design

By Engineer Who Designed WiFi For Florida State University.  

  • Limited to one location
  • Remote Access to current network required
  • Floor plan diagram required 

Final WiFi Design is yours to keep, GRATIS!


We Will Also Provide Pricing For WirelessIT Product. 

There’s nothing worse than

No WiFi.

WiFi is complicated. Period.

Running down to the local electronics for a new WiFi device isn't a viable option anymore.

WiFi Dropouts Compound Stress.

Most business leaders are not technology experts, yet their job is to solve all the problems to stay operational. Business is hard enough without having to deal with WiFi problems.

Distraction from the Highest Purpose

IT frustrations shouldn't keep your and your staff from their highest purpose: providing products and services to your customers.

We understand.
We provide WiFi to businesses all across the country.

36 States


Based on our experience,
we built a WiFi solution that gives

Exactly what businesses want

Exactly what businesses need

At a price that simply works



Get better hardware than you would want to pay for, wireless networks tailored exactly for your business, and a support team whose motivation is to keep you from having problems. 

new hardware installed

We install WiFi units in your business that are military grade and trusted by the US Government.

you pay for service,
not equipment

Subscription service means you pay for WiFi to work. If a unit fails for whatever reason, we replace it at no cost to you.

Managed support

We set up your wireless networks however you want, and we manage everything to keep it running. 

Five Steps To WiFi Success

We know WiFi is complex. Getting the right solution that works in your office shouldn’t be. 

We’ll learn about your WiFi problems as we work through your Free WiFi design. We’ll gather all the information to help you make an informed decision. 

After learning learning a few things about your building and your network needs, we’ll put together a WirelessIT solution that solves your problems today and that will give you WiFi stability well into the future. We’ll give you a detailed proposal that outlines our subscription pricing. 

Once a decision is reached to do business with The Solutions Team, the next step is to send us the signed contract. Please allow 30 days for planning of your implementation. 

We’ll create a detailed plan so you and your team will know what to expect. We’ll come on site for training and implementation, and you’ll feel good about the process. 

Whether you hire us for your WiFi system or choose our Comprehensive Solution where we manage everything between your internet connection and your business software, our goal is simple: 

We want you to have less IT chaos so you can start leveraging IT to strengthen your business. 

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Our PledgeTo Our Customers:

Less IT Chaos,

More IT That Just Works.

Take the first step to to WiFi that works today.

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