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TST Express: IT Support a Mouse Click Away

TST Express: IT Support a Mouse Click Away

We’ve now made it easier than ever to put in a help request with us. While you can still call and email us, the fastest way for you to get help from your dedicated tech team is through TST Express, on your desktop, and in your taskbar.

Putting a help request into our service desk through this process enables us to get you back to your regularly scheduled day with fewer interruptions, specifically without requiring us to ask you a ton of technical questions that you may not have time or answers for.

Here’s how it works. In your PC’s taskbar, you’ll see the TST Express Logo:

As soon as you have an issue, click on the button. This will initiate a troubleshooting process that will help to gather all the information our team needs to diagnose your technology problem.

Sign in using your name and work email address, so the we know how to contact you to get any additional information about the problem.

Describe the problem, giving our Help Desk as much detail as possible. Let us know how urgent the issue is and what impact it is having on your organization.

Details Page

Review your submission. Remember, the more details you provide, the faster we’ll be able to resolve your issue.

Submit your request. You can use our Help Desk Portal to review any open ticket.

We hope this process will be more efficient for you and your team. 

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