Is Your Current Computer Guy Causing You To Need One Of These?

Are you sick and tired of constant IT, phone and  computer problems interrupting your day, frustrating you and your team? Do you feel stick with an absent-minded computer guy who isn’t delivering the SERVICE you want, but you don’t know who else you can trust to do a good job without overcharging you?

If so, I have the solution that will make IT-related issues one headache you NEVER have to deal with again.

My name is Todd Gooden, owner and CEO of The Solutions Team, Inc. We specialize in delivering proactive IT support and services to business like yours with friendly, knowledgeable techs who will put you at ease and resolve your IT problems quickly and efficiently. Chances are you’ve never heard of me or my company before, but when you finish reading this letter, you’ll be glad you finally have. 

Why can I make such a bold statement?

Because almost every small business CEO I talk to will confess that their current computer support person – whether it’s a friend who’s good with computers or a “professional” IT company – is NOT completely delivering the level of service they want. Therefore, they are forced to deal with ongoing technical issues and worry that their network is NOT secure from hackers, ransomware, extended downtime, HIPPA Compliance, and a range of data-erasing disasters. Clearly this is unacceptable!



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Dave P.: Key Constructors, Madison, MS

“I was quickly impressed with TST and its proactive approach to managing our IT system.  Our biggest benefit is knowing that we have an IT department at our office during normal working hours – they are just a click away from to help solve any issue that may arise. TST provides a comprehensive service for a flat monthly fee that allows us to accurately budget our IT expenses.  They don’t make money on hardware sales like most but provide the assistance for us to get the right devices at the best pricing.  Also, they talk to us in a language we can understand.”

Stephanie I. :  Mission Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Sterling Heights, MI

“Since we made the change, it was the best thing that we could have done.  Everything can be done remotely; customer service is always available.  It has been seamless and very easy.  They take our feedback to make our services work better and help us function at a higher level.  Above all, the customer service is superior at a reasonable price, and the service is excellent.”

Michelle C.: Surgical Specialist of Jackson, Jackson, MS

“After 4 years of being with The Solutions Team, they treat us as though we are their #1 client. It’s nice not having to wait a week for someone to return our phone call or drive by and pick up a faulty computer.  The Solutions Team provides us with an all-inclusive service, so we do not have to worry about anything IT related. They help me plan an orderly budget for IT purchases, so we are replacing hardware before it becomes less than usable.  With them as our provider, all of us have more time to focus on things that really matter like our patients, employees, and our practice. The transition from our old IT provider to TST was seamless. We had ZERO disruption to our workflow.  The bonus is that our overall IT costs are less than we were paying our previous provider. Let me just be honest; they saved us $15000 a year while providing better service than we were receiving before”

Cynthia D.: Daley-Koster, LLC. (Law Firm), Carrolton, GA

“We are very dependent on our electronics, the Internet and everything that goes with it.  One of the issues very important to us was redundancy.  When we made our move, it was seamless.  I never knew it occurred.  Since we switched, the biggest advantage is easy access.  We have not had issue one.  It has allowed for another layer of security that we do not have to manage ourselves.”