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Our Commitment To Healthcare ...

Our commitment to healthcare is seen in our Advisory Board, a panel of medical practice leaders from all practices types, from all over the country. This group participates in frequent email discussions, quarterly conference calls, and attends an annual conference. 

Our Advisory Board is tasked with helping to shape our decisions for products and services because we want to meet all the current and emerging needs of physicians and medical staff who are engaged in the ever-changing and complex business of healthcare. 

It’s not enough for our customers to have excellent IT, our passion and our goal is for our customer’s customer —the patient— to have a great experience as well. 

Our Advisory Board helps us do just that.

Jennifer Collins

Lakeland endodontics

Jennifer Collins graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mississippi College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Relations. She has more than 25 years of experience working in the medical industry. With two physicians, two locations, and a high referral business, Jennifer’s IT setup is complex. She is a new customer with The Solutions Team, and experienced the new Implementation Process that we began using early in 2018. 

Maria Faulkner, MSHA, SPHR

Alabama Bone & Joint

Maria Faulkner has over 13 years of experience in a variety of healthcare leadership roles. Prior to this, she was an accountant, and a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. Maria leads an orthopaedic practice with 6 providers and 2 locations. The practice hired The Solutions Team in the Spring of 2018. They went through our new implementation process with extensive staff training.  

Alana Oaxaca

PUlmonary Institute of arizona

Alana Oaxaca has over 15 years of healthcare leadership experience. She now leads a practice with 12 physicians, 3 nurse practitioners, 3 respiratory therapists, with 2 locations. They are in the process of building a sleep lab. Alana has used The  Solutions Team for all of their hosted environments. 

Misty Ross, CMA (AAMA), CPPM

Harvey Pediatrics

Misty Ross has almost 20 years of experience in healthcare, and has been the administrator of Harvey Pediatrics for 8 years. Her practice has grown in that time and now has three physicians, two nurse practitioners, and two counselors. With that growth, the IT became more than she could manage. The Solutions Team stepped in early in 2016. 

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