McComb Children's Clinic

MCC is a private medical practice providing comprehensive pediatric healthcare services to children from birth through adolescence. The practice consists of five pediatricians – as well as highly trained nurse practitioners, nurses and support staff. MCC is located in McComb, Mississippi and serves the southwest Mississippi region.


In the words of MCC’s Medical Practice Manager Yvette Chisholm, she “knew just enough about computers to be dangerous” – but was keenly aware of the importance of keeping her clinic’s data safe and accessible in the event of a disaster. She wanted a turnkey HIPAA and HITECH compliant backup/disaster recovery solution that would require as little of her time and attention as possible.


The Solutions Team was recommended to Yvette as a specialized backup/disaster recovery solutions provider more than capable of getting the job done – on time and on budget – with minimal client interaction once the initial onboarding process is completed. 

After meeting with MCC to review the clinic’s support infrastructure for their local server, the Solutions Team presented the business case for (in lieu of spending thousands of dollars on a server upgrade) converting the entire clinic’s IT infrastructure to a more cost beneficial cloud-based hosting solution for greater support reliability – with The Solutions Team being responsible for daily oversight.


For Yvette, the benefits of working with The Solutions Team are ease and confidence – knowing her clinic’s critical data is safe and secure. The Solutions Team routinely performs all backups – so she can confidently concentrate her attention elsewhere. The Solutions Team’s hosting solution has also put Yvette at ease: “We no longer worry about that bulky, heat-producing server, and whether or not it is in a secure location. Through the Internet, we can access our EMR from anywhere – and always be up and running. I am convinced that should a disaster or even an inconvenient power outage occur, we are protected because of our decision to work with The Solutions Team.”

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