Southeast Texas Ear, Nose & Throat

SETENT is a private healthcare practice specializing in the medical and surgical management and treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, nose or throat. The practice consists of five physicians and one nurse practitioner – as well as nurses and support staff. SETENT is located in Beaumont, Texas in southeast Texas near the Louisiana border.


By the end of 2013, the City of Beaumont had been on the receiving end of three hurricanes in the past eight years, one of which completely destroyed SETENT’s servers (pre-EMR). 

Practice Administrator, Cindy Busch, knew that even with extra backup on-site it was imperative SETENT’s clinical data be stored remotely once they made the decision to switch to EMR.


After much research and consideration, Cindy chose The Solutions Team – citing the firm’s status as a Certified Greenway Partner specializing in cloud-based data protection and disaster recovery solutions. 

The Solutions Team began working with SETENT to concept, develop and implement a solution. The Solutions Team’s proprietary IT-Vault application was downloaded onto SETENT’s Greenway Server, and an initial seed of SETENT data was captured to launch the routine nightly backup program. In a matter of days, automatic daily backup of SETENT data was underway.


Cindy and her colleagues have peace-of-mind knowing that each night, all SETENT patients’ clinical and financial information is automatically being stored at a secure, remote location. Should another hurricane – or other catastrophe – occur, SETENT can access Greenway PrimeSuite through The Solutions Team via the Internet – even by phone or from an evacuation site – and continue caring for their patients.

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