Less Worry About Backups,

More Confidence You're Protected.

Our “Four Steps to Disaster Recovery” is a proven defense plan for businesses to protect their data. 

Your nemesis? 


Computer failure is a reality. Period.

If it's man-made, someday it will break. And when a computer or server crashes, data loss can be catastrophic.

Too busy to think about backup.

There are so many things for business leaders to manage and protect. You're supposed to have Plan B, C, D... all the way to whatever is necessary to avert a major crisis.

It's not 1999 anymore.

Technology has come too far for anyone to suffer the embarrassment of major data loss.

We understand.
We were born in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Countless business lost everything.

Most never recovered.

This is why we developed a solution.

backup you can trust

Disaster Recovery

Automatic, Fully Encrypted Backup

IT Vault is a cloud-based virtual disaster recovery solution. No tapes to swap. No external hard drives to take home. Military grade encryption.

Trust & Verify

Your software says "Backup Complete." Is that enough? We don't think so. We restore data to a test server so you can test data integrity and completeness.


If your local server were to ever crash or if you had a disaster of any kind, we can get you your practice a way to work within a few hours. Never lose sleep thinking about data loss again.

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Four Steps To Disaster Recovery Plan

We know IT is complex. Getting the right solution that works in your office shouldn’t be. 

We need just two pieces of information about your system and a short phone call with you to put together our best recommendations to protect your practice against data loss.  


We’ll give you a detailed proposal for a disaster recover plan that will protect your business data and give you peace of mind. 

Once a decision is reached to do business with The Solutions Team, the next step is to send us the signed contract. Please allow 2 weeks for planning of your implementation. 

Our goal is simple: 

We want you to have less IT worries so you can focus your energy on your top priorities. 

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Less IT Chaos,

More IT That Just Works.

Take the first step to to less IT chaos today.

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