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Widespread adoption of some form of cloud computing is inevitable, and The Solutions Team is uniquely positioned to help your business begin taking advantage of these virtual IT products and services that experts believe will comprise a near $100 billion dollar business by 2012.

What is Cloud Computing?

“Cloud computing” is a term created by the IT industry to describe virtual computation, software, data access, and storage services. It stems from the natural evolution of the global adoption of virtualization, service-oriented architecture, autonomic and utility computing. Cloud computing describes a new supplement, consumption, and delivery model for IT services based on Internet protocols, and it typically involves provisioning of dynamically scalable and often virtualized resources.

Whether you are a small business seeking an alternative way to back up your critical data online, or a major corporation seeking to lease virtual servers to save physical space and curb escalating IT expenditures, The Solutions Team’s suite of virtual ‘cloud’ data protection solutions will save you time and money, and best of all free-up your IT resources to perform more meaningful tasks for your business.

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Customer Comments

  • Mickey Taylor
    Senior Vice President Information Systems

    The Solutions Team has exceeded our expectations in our recent Data Center Core upgrade. We were able to double our capacity and saved over $45,000.

    I would highly recommend The Solutions Team to any organization who is looking for an experienced IT Consulting Firm who is truly independent.

  • I can't say enough how appreciative I am that The Solutions Team dropped what they were doing to address an issue we had in our McComb office. We were at a point whereby that office was completely down during a time they could hardly afford.

  • Jody Noles
    Director of Information Services

    If you find your IT department strectched thin as I did, The Solutions Team is a great resource to have available. They are effecient project managers and WILL deliver on time.

    I've been utilizing The Solutions Teams iSeries off-site backup product for over a year now. They have done a great job and have always been very responsive to my needs. The Solutions Team has also migrated our Microsoft Exchange 2003 server to Microsoft Exchange 2010. They performed the conversion ahead of schedule with absolutley no down-time. Our users didn't even know the conversion had taken place.

    If you find yourself in need of a server expert to do a conversion or install you can't go wrong with The Solutions Team as your outsource resource.

  • The Solutions Team is a first in providing affordable secure offsite backup which is easy to configure and monitor. Our industry has struggled with the reality of disaster recovery plans, audits, and offsite backup. It is critical to our institution that we have data available as quickly as possible in the event of a hardware failure or other disaster.

  • Bill Allen

    As our email traffic has matured, we needed to upgrade our systems and capabilities.

    The Solutions Team "outsource's" our Exchange system with their IT-Ex product. This placed our email in a Tier IV Data Center and has a lot more redundancies. We now know that our email is being managed by Microsoft Certified Engineers who know and understand Exchange. Our staff has more time to spend connecting with customers.

    I would recommend any company with limited resources, who needs dependable email service, should look at The Solutions Team's Cloud based IT-Ex product.

  • Michael Clark
    Directory of Information Technology

    In the gaming industry, not having a reliable backup can frustrate customers and cause a number of regulatory headaches

    The Solutions Team's Technical Engineering team had experience with the major software providers in gaming such as IGT, Bally and Agylisis. They knew what data was important, and how best to implement our solution.

    Their IT-Vault Online Data Backup is head and shoulders above the other solutions we evaluated. We are currently looking at some of their other High Availability “Cloud” based Solutions.

  • Luther Burrell
    VP of Administration & IT

    We have an internal IT staff that supports 350 users. Many times our internal resources do not have the time for additional projects to be completed in the timeframe needed.

    After review of The Solutions Team offer to outsource our Network Management in order to free our internal staff for end user/data center support, it seemed like a good fit. The Solutions Team has provided the technical knowledge and experience to handle our Routers, Switches, Firewalls, VPN Concentrators and Servers. We feel confident in The Solutions Team's ability to manage our critical network components when any need arises.

    If your company is looking for a way to provide some additional support to your internal staff or if your staff doesn't have the know-how to manage your Network, I would recommend The Solutions Team.